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10 mistakes for the failure of SEO

10 mistakes for the failure of SEO

What are SEO mistakes?

By now you have realized that search engine optimization could be pretty hard if you don’t have a real plan to execute. Through experience with building websites & trying to run businesses in that way, an individual could found that optimizing website could be quite easy. Some of most key ingredients to building that spectacular yet properly managed site actually goes well beyond coding itself, but rather in what message you are trying to pass on to visitors and customers.  In this article you will find 10 mistakes for the failure of SEO.

[sociallocker]1. Not adding SEO when auditing your site
Whether you are a marketing specialist or business owner, must be auditing your site on regular basis. It is quite easy to think that if your site looks great, then it should be running great as well.

2. Failing to identify and include the right keywords
One of most common SEO errors is using keyword stuffing to higher rank on SE. Since in 2012 Google launched its Penguin algorithm, sites are actually punished for using lots of poorly placed keywords.

3. Having duplicate title tags and meta-descriptions
By using duplicate meta-descriptions and title tags on your site, search engines won’t be able to index pages correctly. Furthermore, it’ll be more hard for readers to know what each page is actually about.

4. Forgetting to include outbound links
You could increase page views & keep visitors on your website longer by counting links to another pages on your site.

5. Failing to use proper URL structure
If your website comprises indecipherable, lengthy URLs that do not align with your content of the pages, then restructuring URLs must be a priority.

6. Not using 301 redirects
A 301 redirect is actually a permanent redirect from single URL to another. Setting up 301 redirect is vital if you are switching domains, consolidating content as part of site redesign or restructuring your URLs.

7. Not allowing your website to be crawled
A silly issue that creates big problems and happens more usual that you will think is failing to unblock robots from crawling & indexing site.

8. Not using responsive design
Google now favors sites that use approachable design as opposite those that utilize a separate, cell phone only site.

9. Forgetting to include analytics on your site
One of biggest & most egregious SEO mistakes is disremembering to paste analytics code in your site. It is pretty difficult to audit your website or measure success of your keywords devoid of any analytics tracking.

10. Failing to write quality content
Content is still leading indicator for success of SEO. Your site might have best meta-descriptions and title tags, use keywords and& 301 redirects effectively & use best analytics tools. But if content is not relevant & engaging to readers, they aren’t likely to visit website again or take next step to becoming lead.[/sociallocker]