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About Us

Welcome to OwlHatWorld.com – The best place for Freelancers, Graphic Designers, bloggers, web developers, and newbies who wants to free download the Free softwares, graphics, themes and templates for their personal blogs and professional websites.

Here is what value proposition OHW Teams offers:
100% free templates and themes to make your blog and website more appealing, responsive, user-friendly, SEO-friendly, and professional.
It covers a vast variety of templates for WordPress, CMS, Blogger, fashion, portfolio, photography, E-commerce, news, magazine, and much more. That are appropriate for everyone and every kind of website and blog.

Business and Freelance templates for newbies to start their new online business. OwlHatWorld.com was Designed on May 30 , 2015 with a few persons taking care of it. It was just to make a single repository and get the desired theme with just one click.

Although OwlHatWorld.com is not the first website that is providing the facility. Yet it has some other features that make it unique and special among them.
OwlHatWorld.com has changed the life of over thousands of individual around the globe. That have no programming background but wanted to make their websites and blogs more interactive, engaging, and professional.
Hey there,

I am Adeel, the founder of OwlHatWorld.com. I started Graphic Designer and blogging with the passion and zeal for learning & sharing. I wanted to be an engineer in my childhood. But an experience and the circumstances changed my mind. I learned Graphic Designer and SEO. Blogging is the part of my self-effort. And I started working for those who have the passion for doing something more for learning, sharing, and to earn money.

And OwlHatWorld.com, in this regard, is the help for those who are the newbies and have the limited budget, but they want to compete with the online community. Therefore, I created the database regarding free Software, Graphics, templates and themes. It will make the people download the Graphic, Software’s and templates to express their feelings, present their creativity, and launch their business in more professional form.