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How to Make your URLs SEO Friendly

How to Make your URLs SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly URLs

As a URL is a very significant part of a site it’s a good way to make it friendly to SEO. This’ll give your website advancement in rankings in natural SE outcome, thus, giving you numerous potential visitors to your site. Question which comes here is that how to make your URLs SEO Friendly? There are few things to remember when building URLs SEO friendly.

Placement of desired KW in your URL will increase ranking, so it might be an intelligent decision to consider NOT changing existing URL. Unless you could somehow redirect your URL if it’s indeed changed, make it a point to use it for a really long time. This is because, change URL might outcome in broken link & that would greatly reduce your ranking, specifically if one of numerous pages is ranking well in search engines.



Keywords in URL in it won’t assure you great ranking but it’ll enhance your chances. A page with keyword in URL will surely outrank webpage devoid of it, and as an outcome will potentially get additional visits.
Before people mistreat this idea, SE puts good ranking on websites which have KWs in their sub-domains, believing that such sites have a strong association between KWs in sub domain and its contents, though this is actually no longer the case, it’s still a very good idea to place one on sub-domain. One of good reason to do this is most of time, sub-domains offer a viewer a broad idea on what to expect on a particular site as to what contents it has. Having your KW in URL might also outcome in it, showing up anchor text if somebody links your site using your URL.
If somehow keyword can’t be listed in domain or in sub domain, put it in sub-directory. Of course sub-directory would comprise relevant pages or things associating to KW named sub-directory, if it is just one page then it is much better to utilize it as a file name.